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May 23, 2012

New Moon Celebrations

It’s a new month on the Hellenic calendar. I’ve been doing new moon celebrations for a while now, but I thought I’d give those not familiar with Hellenismos a little taste of what I do of the course of the three days over the new moon. This happens every month. Now, if you weren’t aware, the Hellenic calendar is not like the Celtic Wheel of the Year at all. It’s a lunar calendar that has monthly celebrations above and beyond the Wiccan esbats and lesser esbats. There’s Hekate’s Deipnon, the Noumenia, and the Agathos Daimon libation that fall over the new moon. There’s monthly observances for various deities and there are festivals… monthly.

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May 22, 2012

Not an Excuse, Just an Explanation

I am not abandoning the Maxims. I’m just crazy busy from about last Thursday until after Pagan Spirit Gathering in June. So, I’ll blog as I have time. Last weekend we went camping in preparation for PSG, this week is recital, then I’m in PSG shopping and packing mode for a few weeks. And given that I have lists upon lists upon lists of things to accomplish before we go. So, yeah.

I have a list of blogs, outside of the Maxims that I’ll be writing up, too. So, there’ll be more meat to this blog page soon enough. Might not be until after PSG, but it will happen.

I’ll try to hit up the next Maxim sometime today or tomorrow, though recital is supposed to be tomorrow for my students. I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen with our studio director in the hospital and she the one with the checkbook to pay for the stage rental. So, we’ll see.

May 17, 2012

The Delphic Maxims: 2. Obey the law (Νομω πειθου)

I’m continuing on my journey through the Delphic Maxims today with the second Maxim. Obey the Law. I think this is an easy one, as far as the rest of the Maxims are concerned. It’s very self-explanatory – as some of them are. Do as it says… Obey the Law.

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May 17, 2012

Hi, my name is Dawn and Ares is my patron.

I often get asked questions about Ares. How he came to me, how I developed the rather comfortable relationship I have with him, how fellow Hellenes used to treat me regarding him that sent me running away from Hellenismos originally, and how I honor him. So, I figured it was time to maybe make a full post on it here that I can always link people to if they want this information.

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May 16, 2012

The Delphic Maxims: What are they?

So, it occurred to me yesterday after I posted a link to my blog on the Maxims on my twitter accounts that not everyone knows what the Delphic Maxims are. I simplified it by calling them an ethical system, but that doesn’t just sit well with me. I’m not into simplifying things. If there is one things my friends, my true friends, and my husband will tell you it’s that I seem to complicate things in my search for a deeper truth.

I’m going to link to someone who has a wonderful explanation of the Maxims, complete with links of their own, for you to review if you aren’t familiar with the Maxims. I’m also flattered to be part of what has been dubbed the “Delphic Maxims Blogging Party.” I’m not as educated or even as well-spoken as some of the other bloggers, but I am honored to be listed among them. Anyway, find the link here: Delphic Maxims Blogging Party!

So I hope that helps clear up a few things. I’m going to try to get to the second maxim either today or tomorrow, but I have another blog planned on my relationship with Ares that might go up before that.

I think I’ll create a separate tag for the Maxims so people can sort through them.

May 15, 2012

The Delphic Maxims: 1. Follow God (Επου θεω)

So, a number of fellow Hellenes are blogging through the Delphic Maxims and I think I’ll do something similar with this blog to try to stray away from the negative rants I’ve been doing since inception of the blog.

First off, what are the Delphic Maxims? Well, they are, in their simplest form, an ethical system that many Hellenes use in daily life. There are others, of course. The Golden Verses of Pythagoras is one that I used to adhere a bit more to. There’s the Tenets of Solon, which are not used as often and a handful of other ancient texts that modern practitioners use to base their behaviors on. I’m going to focus on the Maxims first, then possibly address other ethical systems in time. Depends if I get sick of doing this or not.

Now the first one of the Maxims is quite a big one: Follow God.

The thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t meant in an evangelical Christian sort of way. This is probably a rough translation of something that more or less means “follow or honor that which is godly.”

I’m not going to go into what is godly, as that is a very individualized subject. What is godly to me is not godly to my mostly atheistic husband and is probably not godly to my Asatru friends. I’m fairly certain that what is meant by “Follow God” is meant that you should constantly question yourself. Is what you are doing of high virtue? Are you pursuing the sacred? The divine?

It’s a question that I keep in mind every day. I fall off the wagon, regularly with a number of the maxims… given that I am prone to giving in to emotion and that makes me mortal and therefore fallible. But I do question myself on a regular basis, asking myself… “is this godly? Is this virtuous?” And probably most importantly, “will I regret this later?”

These will more or less be shorter blog posts than I’ve done lately, but I’m hoping they’ll be far more positive.