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May 15, 2012

The Delphic Maxims: 1. Follow God (Επου θεω)

So, a number of fellow Hellenes are blogging through the Delphic Maxims and I think I’ll do something similar with this blog to try to stray away from the negative rants I’ve been doing since inception of the blog.

First off, what are the Delphic Maxims? Well, they are, in their simplest form, an ethical system that many Hellenes use in daily life. There are others, of course. The Golden Verses of Pythagoras is one that I used to adhere a bit more to. There’s the Tenets of Solon, which are not used as often and a handful of other ancient texts that modern practitioners use to base their behaviors on. I’m going to focus on the Maxims first, then possibly address other ethical systems in time. Depends if I get sick of doing this or not.

Now the first one of the Maxims is quite a big one: Follow God.

The thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t meant in an evangelical Christian sort of way. This is probably a rough translation of something that more or less means “follow or honor that which is godly.”

I’m not going to go into what is godly, as that is a very individualized subject. What is godly to me is not godly to my mostly atheistic husband and is probably not godly to my Asatru friends. I’m fairly certain that what is meant by “Follow God” is meant that you should constantly question yourself. Is what you are doing of high virtue? Are you pursuing the sacred? The divine?

It’s a question that I keep in mind every day. I fall off the wagon, regularly with a number of the maxims… given that I am prone to giving in to emotion and that makes me mortal and therefore fallible. But I do question myself on a regular basis, asking myself… “is this godly? Is this virtuous?” And probably most importantly, “will I regret this later?”

These will more or less be shorter blog posts than I’ve done lately, but I’m hoping they’ll be far more positive.