The Delphic Maxims: What are they?

So, it occurred to me yesterday after I posted a link to my blog on the Maxims on my twitter accounts that not everyone knows what the Delphic Maxims are. I simplified it by calling them an ethical system, but that doesn’t just sit well with me. I’m not into simplifying things. If there is one things my friends, my true friends, and my husband will tell you it’s that I seem to complicate things in my search for a deeper truth.

I’m going to link to someone who has a wonderful explanation of the Maxims, complete with links of their own, for you to review if you aren’t familiar with the Maxims. I’m also flattered to be part of what has been dubbed the “Delphic Maxims Blogging Party.” I’m not as educated or even as well-spoken as some of the other bloggers, but I am honored to be listed among them. Anyway, find the link here: Delphic Maxims Blogging Party!

So I hope that helps clear up a few things. I’m going to try to get to the second maxim either today or tomorrow, but I have another blog planned on my relationship with Ares that might go up before that.

I think I’ll create a separate tag for the Maxims so people can sort through them.


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