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May 22, 2012

Not an Excuse, Just an Explanation

I am not abandoning the Maxims. I’m just crazy busy from about last Thursday until after Pagan Spirit Gathering in June. So, I’ll blog as I have time. Last weekend we went camping in preparation for PSG, this week is recital, then I’m in PSG shopping and packing mode for a few weeks. And given that I have lists upon lists upon lists of things to accomplish before we go. So, yeah.

I have a list of blogs, outside of the Maxims that I’ll be writing up, too. So, there’ll be more meat to this blog page soon enough. Might not be until after PSG, but it will happen.

I’ll try to hit up the next Maxim sometime today or tomorrow, though recital is supposed to be tomorrow for my students. I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen with our studio director in the hospital and she the one with the checkbook to pay for the stage rental. So, we’ll see.