I have very similar thoughts to this, most of the time.

The Allergic Pagan

Why I hate Neopaganism:

#1  I hate magic.  Most Neopagans seem to believe in some form of instrumental or practical magic (i.e., spells).  I have complained extensively about this elsewhere.  Not only do I not believe in the mechanics of “raising energy” or the premise that intention is power, but I find the notion of controlling nature as a religious practice to be discordant with what I understand as the Neopagan ideal of atunement with nature.  I am fortunate to have found a group of like-minded “Naturalist Pagans” and “Humanistic Pagans”.

#2   I hate the “not that kind of Pagan” discussion.  Whenever I publicly identify myself as (Neo-)Pagan, I have to immediately follow that up with several qualifiers.  I watched my wife do this when she identified me as Pagan to her bishop (the local LDS church leader).  She described me as the earth-honoring kind of…

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