The Delphic Maxims 3. Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)

Back on my journey with the Delphic Maxims, I come across another one that is, as far as I’m concerned, common sense for any good Hellene … or hell, any pagan. But maybe not. Neopaganism has this misconception that every path has earth worship in common. That they are all “earth-based” religions. That’s not exactly true. I don’t see many tree-hugging Asatru that toast Mother Earth beneath our feet during Sumble (and I’ve been to my share of Sumbles, let me tell you). I don’t know many Hellenes… or any really… that call to the elements. That’s limited, in my opinion, to eclectic paganism and wicca.

Those are just examples, though.

I worship the gods on a regular basis. It’s part of my daily practice. I greet Ares every morning, honor him when I go to the gym to try to better myself physically -training as best as my broken body allows and never giving up. I give honor to Zeus the protector as well as his other aspects. I honor Hestia daily. I honor Hermes.

Is honor worship? Oh, I think so. A kind of worship at least. Because by honoring, I mean prayer. On the household altar I leave offerings, saying something like, “Hermes, this offering of honey is for you.” And I leave it at that. I don’t ask for things all the time. I build a relationship by worshipping and honoring the gods.

I think deity worship gets neglected in neopaganism in favor of other things. I hear many neopagans say things that they don’t worship gods because it’s too much like what’s expected of Christians at church. Trouble is, I have have a huge issue with those who don’t give offering or even regular prayer or worship to the divine and then seem to expect the same divine to help them with things. These same neopagans seem to think that they can order the divine around.


That aside, I worship. I pray. I talk to them. I make them a part of my daily life and in the end, I think that’s not only necessary, but a simple bit of sacrifice on my own part to include them in my life.


3 Comments to “The Delphic Maxims 3. Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)”

  1. My sentiments exactly…

  2. Word!

    It annoys me when pagans/heathens treat the gods like their personal, free, wish dispensing machines. There is no such thing as a free ride, neither among humans, nor among humans and gods.

    • It’s about reciprocity, as far as I’m concerned. We better be willing to give in order to get. You want help or guidance, you better be making offerings or at the very least praying regularly to the divinity in question. Sure, I don’t exactly pray to Asklepios or give him offering on regular basis, but I give him offerings before I ask anything of him.

      It’s like the whole love and light aspect of Wicca. Personally, you have to be able to harm in order to heal. If you can’t curse, you can’t heal. Laws of magick, to me.

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