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February 19, 2013

Oh Gods, Not Again

–or why do we still care what Fox News Network thinks?

Alright, unless you have been living completely under a rock, or perhaps aren’t in the United States, you know that this happened. I know about it. I can’t not know about it because every American pagan seems to have his or her panties in a frenzied twist over the matter. And I have one major question for all of them: why?


Fox News has always been the breeding ground for big-mouthed, closed-minded, conservative blow-hards. They don’t even try to be anything but that. What about their programming makes any sane person think that they are gearing themselves to the actual everyday man? Nothing. So I can’t fathom why everyone is so up in arms about some previously aforementioned conservative blow-hard spouting their mouth off about things they don’t understand and quite frankly, don’t want to understand.

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