PBP: H is for Hearth

I meant to start this weeks ago, when I signed up for the Pagan Blog Project, as a way to get me blogging more often and hopefully on less rant-y topics. But, amid all of this my husband and I found a new house -technically duplex, and have been frantically preparing to move. His work schedule is making it difficult to help much, but we’re working on it. Today is Friday, April 12th. The moving truck arrives between 8 and 9 am on Wednesday, April 17th. Time is running out.

Last night I packed up my hearth. Well, my modern representation of the hearth. I only have a candle and a beautiful framed piece of artwork that represents Hestia, but it is what I can do. My kitchen and dining area are larger in the new place, so hopefully I can find a better location for my hearth representation than where it was here. It is actually planned to be on of the first things I unpack. It will make everything feel that much more… homey.

There is the misunderstanding that the hearth has to be the oven in modern times, but I know many Hellenes who use a candle more successfully. Leaving an oven on to honor the goddess of the hearth whenever you are in the kitchen is costly if you aren’t actually using the oven -especially if it is a gas oven. We are no longer stoking hearth fires all day for cooking and heating the home. At least most urban people aren’t. What I use is what seems appropriate for me.

Many of my altars are getting a overhaul as we move. I’ll be purchasing some new statues, but I’m waiting until I get to the new house now. Ares will be the first to get a new idol. The broken ones will not be thrown out. Instead they will just be used a decoration around the house -much like how a museum would display broken statues. Seriously considering putting a piece of tape or velcro on the underside of the new one to anchor it to the table/surface a bit more so neither toddlers nor fuzzy asshole ninja toddlers (read: cats) can destroy the new one.

I’ve been having a sort of crisis of faith, though that isn’t really the right verbiage for it. I still believe, but I’ve been in such a psychological mess lately that it’s been more like, “why bother?” in terms of actual practice. I’m hoping by starting fresh at a new home and doing things properly I’ll get back into it. It’s going to start with my hearth.


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