I’ve Moved!

So, I moved.

Well, more correctly, we moved. We also acquired another cat. Allow me to explain:

On Sunday, April 14th, the woman in the other half of the duplex found a cat that her two Jack Russel Terriers had corners in the bushes. She picked up the cat and brought her to me since she didn’t have any cat supplies. Cat was so sweet, purred at being picked up, but dirty and extremely underweight -she was skin and bones. Because the moving truck was coming on the 17th, there was no possible way I could have kept the cat quarantined until I could get her to a vet to check for a microchip. So, I called Animal Control and I told the officer when she arrived if the cat didn’t have a home could someone please let me know.

Moving did not go as planned, the movers the company sent with the truck were jerks, they broke a lot of stuff, took too many breaks and plain refused to move a good number of things. I got most of my money back on that move after complaining furiously to their manager. I hope those unprofessional twits got fired. I was stressed, I was worried about the cat (because I knew Animal Control would take it to the Humane Society and if it showed any signs of like… ringworm, they euthanize it, and I stressed about work.

I work from home -a definite mixed blessing as while I am doing better psychologically than I would in an office where I’d have to deal with people face to face while I have psychologically bad days, but I’m turning into an agoraphobic shut-in. I’m working to find ways around that. Anyway, even though they had a month’s notice, my employer didn’t have my business lines scheduled to be installed at the new place yet and I had to work in a vacant house for a week.

That Wednesday I followed up with Animal Control who transferred me to the Humane Society where I got more info on the kitty I turned over. She’s about the same age as my other female, she was already spayed and front-declawed (I don’t believe in declawing so if she hadn’t It would have been ok) and she was finishing treatement for a small URI. So, I claimed her. Since she was over a year old she was free and I now have three cats. Adelaide, our 2.5 year old tortoiseshell female, Dexter our 2 year old black male and now Briana (who comes running happily to her name) our gray tabby female. They are working on getting along.

I have a lot of stuff to do on the house still, but the upstairs doesn’t look too terrible, so it’s ok. I have my little area devoted to my hearth altar to Hestia all set up and usable. The others… well… they are works in progress. I’m still trying to find perfect places to house them.

I have to say, with ever snafu we’ve had, with all the stress everything has caused me to the point of being quite sick, I am very happy with this house and so is my husband. The cats seem pretty happy, too. Just not with the new cat. Ah well.

Now, to finish setting up the house, start working in the yard a bit, then work on getting my health back in order. I’ve laid down in defeat too long.


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