Ethical Polytheism

Brilliant, and said better than I ever could.

Sour Mead

There’s a reason I never became a Wiccan.

Here in my sun-soaked state somewhere in the southeast, there’s something rotten in the Wiccan community. Poverty, drug abuse, petty crime. Just general skeeviness. It’s inescapable and inseparable in my mind concerning the pagan community around here (heck, a lot of the people down here). Maybe it’s not that way in other places, but down here generally paganism does not attract people from good parts of society. And I don’t mean in the sense or race or socioeconomic class–I mean in terms of the way people lead their lives. I’ve seen a lot of people go to jail for things like drugs and statutory rape. I’ve seen people arrive who’d just come out of jail for things like drugs and petty theft (or both). People who engage in a hippie-ish permissive sort of live-and-let-live that is rotting the modern polytheistic movement at…

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