Another day, another BNP behaving badly.

Is this the kind of deplorable crap I’ve missed hiding away in my home, sick as shit, avoiding the greater pagan community? Reprehensible behavior from so-called BNP? I’m not really surprised, sadly, and I know that the blog I’m linking from is a few days old now… but good lord.

I kind of want to go back to hiding now. I avoided mainstream paganism to try to heal myself, at least I wasn’t missing much in my absence.

This man is a degenerate. At least I can sleep well knowing hubris is generally punished swiftly.


One Comment to “Another day, another BNP behaving badly.”

  1. This is why I am a “militant polytheist” and am NOT a part of the so-called generic “pagan” world. The amount of miasma swirling there is so over-whelmingly cloying that they will need YEARS to rid themselves of it.

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