Is Z. Budapest a terrorist?

Okay, I know, two Sannion reblogs in a row. But… I was at DragonCon while these were blogged, hush. But…

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me either. Z. Budapest has honestly become that crazy aunt you don’t even like to invite over for holidays anymore because the whole time she sits in the corner, drinking way too much Egg Nog while bitching about how the blacks, Mexicans and Asians are takin’ over her country and don’t we know that our president is really an Alien because she saw it on the cover of The Weekly World News…

I don’t take her seriously at all anymore. She’s become a joke in my book. After the stunt against the trans women a few years ago… just, no. If the pagan community wants to grow, it needs to stop letting individuals like this label themselves as leaders. Now, while I understand the pagan (and mostly Wiccan) visceral reaction to the suggestion of a hierarchical order of things… because “Oh noes! Organized religion and dogma and rules OH MY!” You can’t hold people accountable for bad behavior if you don’t have any actual set expectation for behavior of those you have your younger members look up to.


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