Halloween Thoughts & Plans

It’s been a few weeks and frankly, I’m exhausted.

Work had a two-day Summit early this week which always runs me down. As a fairly introverted individual I find extended socialization with people I don’t share a great deal of interests with physically exhausting, on top of it is a lot of corporate rah-rah stuff, I worked a great number of extra hours and I never had time to really rest from that to recharge. Wednesday we had an electrician come after work to replace our dead ceiling fan/light and found out that the one from the previous tenant was never anchored properly and was not far from crashed down (lovely!). Yesterday I was packing because today I’m leaving for the weekend.

I’m headed down to Circle Sanctuary for Samhain. I miss groups of semi-sane pagans, regardless of the flavor. I discovered that with a little more fervor when I had my sister (who has always supported my ‘alternative’ religious choices) and my friend Tereesa over to celebrate Khalkeia with me last Friday. If I want to motivate to grow, to discuss and do things, I work better having others around (even of different paths) to share these ideas with. Online I can push the discussions to later.

So, I’m going to Circle for Samhain. I actually registered for this back in September, because their Witches Ball has been on my pagan bucket list for probably at least the last 8 years or so now. I’m all packed (other than the little sign that goes with my costume because unlike DragonCon, I’m not sure everyone will get it at first glance), and I just have to load up my car, have some breakfast and we can head out… leave the cats under the watchful eye of my husband.

I fear for his sanity. But at least he won’t get Trick or Treaters. We didn’t get any at this house last year. We’re near the end of the block, across from a Catholic Cemetery on the edge of the city limits, you can’t see our door if you are walking from the more populated area, so you can’t tell if our light is on for handing out candy. This is the first year in probably 10 that I haven’t had a costume party of some sort. But, we’ve had more people bail every year, it was becoming a waste. So, I did this for me this year instead.

I am grateful we have a hotel room down in that area instead of risking cold-weather camping. Considering there was measurable snowfall in parts of Wisconsin last night… ha! Nope. I know people keep yelling about climate change and I am not discounting that, but I do really remember being a small child and having to wear snowsuits under my Halloween costumes. I do. I swear it. I remember watching snowflakes fall while Trick or Treating. I think we’re just sort of coming around in a 30 year cycle here. But, I dunno. I can’t speak for what is happening on the poles.

Anyway, I don’t do the Wiccan thing, but I do really need this. It will be good. It will be.


One Comment to “Halloween Thoughts & Plans”

  1. I don’t “do camping” at any season of the year ;-). I did enough of it at Joint Chiefs of Staff Combined Military Exercises way back in the 1970’s: give me a real bed and hot, running water every time! I’ll probably be going to the Diviners’ Conference in Fishkill, New York, at the end of November. I need to get to the butcher and get four lamb “knuckle bones.” I have a set of fake bones; however, I know the Gods want me to have the real thing. I am also going to make my own dice. I am coming to the understanding that if I really want to be a good diviner, I will have to make my own tools. Eventually, I want to learn how to read a kid/lamb/calf liver.

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