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February 22, 2015

Update and Changes Coming

I wanted to put this up here so everyone has ample warning. In a week or two. Or maybe three… I’m ending this blog officially. I will probably delete this account. I have exported the useful content and will be importing it over to a different account. The problem is this: my interests are too diverse and my focus shifts so often throughout the year that to have any blog devoted to just one aspect of my life means it is going to get neglected severely. As this one has.

I am not just my beliefs. I am not just my hobbies or my literary interests. I am a mixture of all those things. My focus throughout the year shifts with the lunar cycle and the season… and where my brain is.

If your interested in continuing to follow me, no matter how erratic the posting frequency or topics are, I’ll provide a link to that account in a day or two once I have it set up in a more… manageable ┬ámanner. But, that’s not only going to have my religious and spirtuality stuff, but probably some more genealogy in there as well. Mixed in with my other interests like movies, books, comics (so many good ones right now, too), games, food… My life is a hodge-podge of interests.

Maintaining a gazillion blogs is just too much. Seriously. Also, trying to start this new thing where I avoid ranting if I can. For my mental health well-being.