Blogs I Read

–of a more Greek flavor…
The House of Vines Sannion is incredible. Go! Read!
Young Flemish Hellenist
Aspis of Ares –Probably My Favorite. No bias, I swear. 😀
Baring the Aegis –Also Amazing.
Greek Revivalist Mommy

–other pathways…
Sour Mead — Finnish folklore blog
Kvasir Amongst the Gods – heathen blog
Hemet Netjeru – Tereesa’s Kemetic blog -which she needs to update omg

Crafty Geek Girl Makes Stuff! – my craft and cosplay blog

Greek / Hellenic / Pagan Links

Olympianismos -Classical Olympian Religion Forum
Hellenic Month Established Per Athens – calendar by Olympiad
Seasonal Festivals of the Greeks and Romans
Hellenion – US based Hellenic organization. They have good references and an interactive calendar.
Theoi Greek Mythology – the most comprehensive source of Greek Mythology you will find online

Other Links

World Of Oblivion –home of two podcasts I’m part of currently

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