Reading List

These are books in my currently reading or to be read pile. These are only pagan, theological or philosophical books.


  • Beginners Guide to Hellenismos – Timothy Jay Alexander
  • Helenismos Today – Timothy Jay Alexander
  • The Gods of Reason – Timothy Jay Alexander
  • Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored – Sarah Kate Istra Winter
  • The Greek Magical Papyri In Translation: Including Demotic Spells.. second edition – Edited by: Hans Dieter Betz

General Paganism:

  • Pagan Spirituality – Joyce and River Higgenbotham
  • The Twelve Wild Swans – Starhawk and Hilary Valentine

Scandinavian/Germanic Mythology or Paganism:

  • Norse Mythology – John Lindow
  • The Jotunbok – Raven Kaldera


  • Trickster Makes This World – Lewis Hyde

Fiction, Mythic Works and Plays

  • The Greek Way – Edith Hamilton
  • The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan

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