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September 11, 2014

Oh… H2…

I’m watching Clash of the Gods on H2 right now because… it’s on. To be fair, I changed the channel to H2 on lunch (I work from home) because the channel the television had been on was airing Wendy Williams and I’d rather douse myself in gasoline and light myself on fire slowly with flint and steel than listen to her “How you doin’?” for another damn minute.

Seriously, I have an almost unhealthly level of loathing for that woman, her constant vanity, terrible advice and opinions on everything in the world, her terrible walking stereotype of the ‘sassy black woman’, and her insipid attitude about everything. She is a damn joke in my house. I have black friends that hate her, her weaves and her damn shoe cam.

And, since it was 12:15 central on a Thursday, H2 was the only thing that had anything of remote entertainment value on other than Al Jazeera news network, but… I can only handle so much news on September 11th. I get that it was a tragic day in our history and such, but I’m kind of tired of mourning it -and I was on the phone with a lady in NYC as she watch a plane hit one of the WTC towers at work, and we aren’t any damn safer and we are a whole lot less free. But… I digress.

So… Clash of the Gods. You know, when this show first came out I bought it on DVD at Walmart for like $10. That should have been sign number 1 of how quality it was. I remember watching it all the way through once and thinking, “huh. Well, now, there is some information in some of these episodes I do not recall seeing anywhere in my primary source research before. I shall have to do some digging.”

Which I did. I didn’t find this information they claimed as fact… these… professors from colleges. So what the heck are they talking about?

I can forgive some bad information on Wikipedia… on Disney programs and so forth. But… on a show on a channel that was long associated with trying to portray itself as educational… please. Even if you were going to try to put a different spin on it, at least get the myths right.