Book Suggestions Needed

I’ve mostly come up blank here so I’m putting the call out for others to assist.

A friend of mine has a son who has just loved the Rick Riordan books, but now wants more information on Greek Mythology. Actual information. She reached out to me because she’s more on the Heathen spectrum, her son is 10 years old but is at a 12th grade reading level. So, this presents a bit of a problem because of the reading comprehension level versus the emotional maturity level in terms of finding something that covers the myths more in depth with a bit more accuracy but keeps it a bit more age-appropriate for now. She’s not fool, she knows he’s not naive. But, he’s 10. It’s the emotional development part of it where some of it can be a bit much.

So… anyone have some book suggestions? Amazon links appreciated!


One Comment to “Book Suggestions Needed”

  1. Actually, I would recommend the poetry: The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Homeric Hymns, The Orphic Hymns, The Golden Ass, Metamorphoses (last 2 Roman), The Theogony. There is another epic about Jason and the Golden Fleece (can’t remember the title right now). The plays are also good sources. These don’t come with all the nasty look down the nose “you can’t believe that!” BS that Bullfinch and Hamilton have. Golden Bough has too many made up things to make it a good source, though it is very poetic. Tell your friend that she can become a member of Hellenion_Chat on Yahoo Groups and can get even more information.

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