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May 29, 2013

does my religion make my ass look fat?

So much this. I struggle these days with even calling myself a shred of a Hellenic recon because they are do terribly unwelcoming. I’ve tried to engage them, to share my research and knowledge, but unless it fits perfectly in their bubble… you are not a Hellene. Whatever.


don’t tell me. i know it does.

dammit. and i was just getting into a size that felt comfy and looked good.

i just never seem to stay there long. just as i’m getting lean and mean and recon trim, i’ll have a breakthrough in my cm practice or get caught up in some traditional witchcrafty Work, and bam! i get all poofy and puffy and fluffy, and move way too far down the ceremonial and neopagan end of the spectrum to get to hang out with the hardcore recon crowd any more. or i’ll tip over into berkertland, and get so enamored with recreating minutiae of obscure cult practices that no one but the odd recluse, or terminal pedant, or eyeball-rattling insane person would find remotely interesting let alone understand. and my neopagan friends don’t wanna play with me no more.

one of the things i love about the…

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